YouTube to launch new music streaming service


YouTube, along with the online video streaming market, is looking to consolidate its position with the release of the new streaming music service.

According to new reports, YouTube probably will broadcast its music service in March of March. There has not been much detail in this regard, but it could be another interesting attempt from the company to enter the stream of music.

YouTube’s rejection service now allows users to use all YouTube services without advertising. The service is also connected to Google Play Music, which allows users to access any of these services at no extra charge or inconvenience. If the new music streaming service is introduced on YouTube, we should see how Google will stream its music streaming service to users.

According to Bloomberg, the new service will satisfy executives of music recording studios, who are widely criticized for streaming services. No streaming service without the support of big brands can not provide enough content to keep users happy. Of course, artists who work independently use services such as sandalwood and similar items to publish their work. Google has agreed with the Warner Bros. group, but wants to come to terms with two major market players, Sony Music and Universal Music.

Youtube still has a few months to complete all the work and will surely watch the outcome of this topic interesting.

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