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YouTube is updated with full width borderless miniatures


Google is still working to polish its suite of applications a little more each day, and it is clear that within these, it is Youtube, along with Google Chrome and the search engine itself, one of the most important. Today we talk about a small aesthetic change in the Android application that we liked a lot and that is a small step forward to renew an aesthetic that had long been unchanged.

We are talking about the new thumbnails Youtube, which now premiere a new wider format that suppresses any kind of edge, something that is very welcome given the new design trends that we are seeing in the world of Android smartphones.

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A few days ago the rumor started circulating on the web that some YouTube video thumbnails were adopting a new format that took up the entire width of the screen. At that time we did not know if it was some feature in tests but now we can confirm that Google has effectively changed the way we will see miniature videos, also known as thumbnails.

If you remember, until recently, miniature videos had a white rim that was not too aesthetic, especially if we have a smartphone with an infinite screen and curved edges. Instead, and within Start tabs, Trends and subscriptions , we can see this new type of miniatures that look pretty good from our point of view.

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This new format is also active for silent videos with AutoPlay if they are activated, but the original style is still present in other parts of the Android application, as can be the channels.

Here you can see a comparison of the before (left) and the after (right):

We have already been able to try this new type of YouTube thumbnails and the truth is that they seem to provide a cleaner and more modern design, at least in those devices with curved screens, where the complete display from edge to edge takes advantage very very well. Here is an example:

This change joins the one we saw a few days ago and for which it was also becoming available a new incognito mode that allows us to “disconnect” our account to leave no trace of our browsing the application, so it can be said that YouTube in a few days has become a bit more beautiful and respectful of our privacy.

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