You can still buy the discontinued iPhone X: we review the main offers


The arrival of the new iPhone XS , XS Max and XR has involved two important things for Apple : first, that its catalog is expanded, with a range of handyman terminals quite varied; second, that the iPhone X officially dies for the company, when it withdraws from the official store. Despite this exile, the phone can still be found in many distributors, including operators that will also take advantage of the pull to convince users of their purchase. Let’s see how the iPhone X is after these changes.

The iPhone X is only one year old but it has already gone down in history for Apple. If you believe, however, that it is the perfect time for your purchase, you are in the right place: let’s take a look at how the phone offer is in the main operators of the country and tell you which is the cheapest way to acquire it , not without first reminding you of the prices that Apple officially handled for you to have reference: 1,159 euros for the 64 GB model and 1,329 euros for the 256 GB version.


In Vodafone you can acquire the phone by paying cash or in installments. In the first of the modalities, and starting from that you are not a client, the cheapest thing is that you get the equipment (eye, in its 64 GB version) along with the Mega Yuser tariff , which implies disbursing 948 euros and 20 monthly euros, which will give you 3.5 GB of data and 60 minutes of calls. You can also buy the phone for 955 euros and pay only 12 euros per month with the Mini S mobile rate , but this only has 1 GB of data and call charges at 0 cent./min.

You can still buy the discontinued iPhone X: we review the main offers

50 euros al mes por el teléfono (durante 24 meses, lo que sale a 948 euros), sin entrada alguna y con los ya comentados 20 euros mensuales por datos y llamadas. In case you prefer to pay the phone in installments , the Mega Yuser is the best rate again, paying 39, 50 euros per month for the phone (for 24 months, which comes to 948 euros), without any entry and with the already commented 20 euros per month for data and calls. It is followed again by the Mini S plan, with an initial payment of 139 euros, 34 euros per month for 24 months (the phone comes out for 955 euros) and 12 euros per month.

Buy the iPhone X with Vodafone


The Orange operator has both the 64 GB and 256 GB versions available. The first one was offered with cash and free payment for 1,269 euros (yes, more expensive than the one that was its official price) or in installments, contributing a fee of 44.30 euros per month for 24 months and without an initial payment, which gives as a result, a cost of 1,063.20 euros .

The installment modality, eye with this, is not available for new customers who take out a new number with the operator; you have to make portability with your number either contract or prepaid card, which will influence the final fee. /mes), lo que hace un cómputo final de 1.105 euros por el teléfono . So those who come to contract can pay 349 euros entry and then pay 31.50 for 24 months plus the squirrel rate (9, 95 euros / month), which makes a final computation of 1,105 euros for the phone .

Those prepaid , can pay 569 euros for start and 22.23 euros per month for 24 months with the same rate Squirrel. The iPhone X then comes out for 1,102.52 euros .

You can still buy the discontinued iPhone X: we review the main offers

Are you a customer and do you want to renew the phone? Then the term is 43.25 euros for 24 months without initial entry (with a discount of 24 euros if you do it online). The price thus is 1,102 euros.

If what you want is the 256 GB version , there is a cash payment option for 1,269 euros (here it is cheaper than the official price) and then a payment in installments with a rate consisting of 50.75 euros / month during 24 months without entry . It comes out at 1,218 euros.

New customers who make portability of another contract will have cheaper option payment of 35, 95 euros / month for 24 months plus 399 euros entry, associated with the plan Squirrel (9.95 euros per month, remember). The phone stays like this at 1,261 euros. 24, 98 euros /mes durante 24 meses más 649 euros de entrada. The portability from a prepaid card gives you an option to the Squirrel rate associated with a installment payment of 24, 98 euros / month for 24 months plus 649 euros of entry.

To renew the phone as a customer, the payment will be 49.75 euros for 24 months, without initial entry and with the aforementioned discount of 24 euros.

Buy iPhone X with Orange


The operator Yoigo currently has its stock of iPhone X (only available in 64 GB) out of stock, but the information on offers is still operational. In this case you can only access the phone by making a portability from another company. If you are willing to do this, know that you have several alternatives.

The one that makes your phone cheaper, of course, implies a more demanding rate. We talk about the plan The Endless 25, at 25.60 euros a month for the first 6 months and then 32 euros a month. With this you only have to pay additionally 31 euros per month for the iPhone X for 24 months and then make a final payment of 220 euros. Thus, the terminal leaves you for 964 euros .

You can still buy the discontinued iPhone X: we review the main offers

If you want something cheaper in terms of rates, you have to opt for La Ciento 2 GB, at 11.20 euros a month for the first six months and then for 14 euros / month. With this, the payment for the telephone will be 33 euros for 24 months plus 89 euros for initial payment and 220 euros for final payment. The total? 1,101 euros .

Buy iPhone X with Yoigo


With Movistar you can get the iPhone X 64 or 256 GB, without permanence , for a price of 1,102 euros or 1,267 euros .

In case you want to make a contract with them and pay in installments , you can pay 42.13 euros per month for 30 months along with the cheapest rate of 14 euros / month (the # 1.5, with 1.5 GB of data and 0 cents per minute). In this case the phone (we speak of the 64 GB version) comes out for 1,263.9 euros .

You can still buy the discontinued iPhone X: we review the main offers

Same situation and rate but with the 256 GB model makes the monthly fee amount to 48.44 euros. With this, the team stays at 1,453.2 euros .

Buy iPhone X with Movistar

Bonus: Amazon

Yes, we know: Amazon is not an operator, but seen the seen … almost that it is much better to pull the sales giant and get the free terminal and at a lower price.

And is that at this time it is possible to buy the iPhone 64 GB for 869 euros . If you are interested, you have the link just below.

869,00 EUR EUR 869.00 EUR

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