You can pay much less for Netflix if you only use it from your mobile

You can pay much less for Netflix if you only use it from your mobile

If you only use Netflix from your mobile, you can enjoy a much cheaper rate than other users . That is the company’s latest idea behind the platform for streaming series and films par excellence, this would be the first time that the firm would introduce an affordable alternative for all those who want to start in service, and are willing to deal with some other limitation.

This fourth Netflix rate, independent of the Basic, Standard and Premium plans , has already appeared in countries like Malaysia, where the company would be experimenting to see the response from the community. The price of this plan is equivalent to 4 dollars, about 3.5 euros according to the current change.

Using Netflix only from the mobile in exchange for an ultra-reduced price is already a reality

You can pay much less for Netflix if you only use it from your mobile

According to the company itself, this same experiment is being carried out in several specific countries, and the price of the Mobile plan is equivalent to half of the basic modality. Bearing in mind that in Spain the price of the Netflix basic plan is 7.99 euros, in case of its arrival in the country the most affordable modality of the platform would have a price of 3.99 euros.

If Netflix’s most affordable plan ends up reaching the rest of the countries, it would cost only 3.99 euros

Everything indicates that the company is carrying out tests in those markets where the majority of users access the platform from their mobile phones , in addition to those where there are alternatives to Netflix that are much more affordable. It is currently unknown if the intention is to extend the availability of this plan to other regions of the world, although it seems quite likely considering that one of the main objectives of Netflix in the medium term is to improve the experience of those who consume content. mainly from the mobile.

And is that in recent months, the company has announced various measures aimed at 60% of users who, according to Netflix, open the platform app on their phones at least once a month to consume content . Without going any further, this summer , also exclusive to your app.

Another aspect that is unknown at the moment, are the limitations that this cheap Netflix plan will have . Is it possible to broadcast content to a

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