You can now update the Huawei P10 to Android 8 Oreo


We have been waiting for the arrival of Android Oreo to the current flagship of the P family of the Asian manufacturer. For a few months now, beta available to test the latest version of the operating system or but at last the great day has arrived: You can now update the Huawei P10 to Android 8 Oreo.

Has been Huawei Philippines, through its official profile on Twitter, who has just announced that we can update the Huawei P10 to Android 8 Oreo. The update will be deployed in a phased manner, although It seems that in Spain we can update the device via OTA.

You can now update the Huawei P10 to Android 8 Oreo

The update of the Huawei P10 to Android Oreo is now available

For update the Huawei P10 to Android 8 Oreo you just have to go to Settings, Update Software Search for new updates. The update to Android 8 for the Huawei P10 is very likely to be available, although if this is not the case, be calm because it will surely arrive very soon.

With a 2.61 GB weight, the update will make the Huawei P10 go to work with EMUI 8, the custom interface of the Chinese manufacturer based on Android 8 Oreo. Recall that among the main novelties comes a Renewed version of the EMUI design . To start we will have a new virtual navigation menu with a virtual Home button that we can use from any point on the screen.

You can now update the Huawei P10 to Android 8 Oreo

Another of the news that we will find after updating the Huawei P10 to Android 8 Oreo will be the possibility to see the notifications when we are using two applications at the same time with the double screen function of EMUI.

And we can not forget the general face wash of the interface, which will now have rounded icons, the famous adaptive icons, and an improved notification system. In addition we will also find the general improvements of Android 8 Oreo, as a better battery optimization or the possibility of postponing notifications to receive them later.

Of course, we must bear in mind that this update only available for free terminals , so those users of a Huawei P10 anchored to a telephone operator should wait a little longer to enjoy Android 8 Oreo on their device.

The latest version of the Google operating system is taking too long to reach the different flagships of the major manufacturers. The great fragmentation problem that suffers the ecosystem of the company based in Mountain View is especially notable with Android 8, which does not just start.

That’s why it’s great news that we can finally update the Huawei P10 to Android 8 Oreo . Hopefully with the Android P the thing changes and that Treble Project I ended up coming to the vast majority of devices.

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