You can now install the sixth Beta of iOS 11.3 on your compatible iPhone and iPad


Manzana seems to accelerate the pace as far as updates test is concerned. If a little more than a month ago, it transcended the news that Manzana it would take the process of updates more calmly to polish more and better its software, it does not seem to happen the same in the testing section of the engineering department of Apple. And this is the same week the Cupertino firm has launched two Betas, the fifth and now the sixth beta of iOS 11.3 . An update that you can now to download and install in you iPhone Y iPad .

The satisfaction of Apple customers around the experience of using iOS has been reduced. This feeling can be seen in a greater volume of complaints, both in official forums and in other communities of users grouped and associated around the theme. Given this perspective, Apple decided that it would not launch so many updates in future updates to focus on polishing a few. However, as we anticipated, during the last weeks Apple’s software testing program is fuming. And in just two weeks have already released three Betas.

iOS 11.3 Beta 6 available for download

The last one to arrive, four days after the fifth beta, is iOS 11.3 Beta 6 . What is the reason for this rapidity? Although the logarithm of changes does not offer us great details about the news that integrates the new iOS 11 update , that speed makes us think of a possible error discovered that, by its level, could have led the Cupertino to launch the update with the highest priority. You can now install the sixth Beta of iOS 11.3 on your compatible iPhone and iPad

Therefore, if you want install this Beta 6 of iOS 11.3 , you just have to check the software updates section, from the settings section, if you already had previous Betas of iOS 11.3.

Installation of Betas of iOS 11.3

If, on the contrary, you have not yet decided to install Apple testing software , you will have to register in the relevant program and proceed with the installation of the certificate that will allow your iPhone or iPad to enjoy the latest improvements included to date in the betas of iOS 11.3 .

Among these novelties we find the synchronization of iMessage messages in iCloud and other iOS and MacOS devices, new animoji for the iPhone X, as well as the tool that deactivates the energy profile that slowed the iPhones with batteries with a certain level of degradation.

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