You can now install Fortnite for Android on non-Samsung mobiles, with risk of banning


Yesterday we witnessed the filtering of the first Fortnite APK for Android . Today, with the official announcement of Epic Games , that APK has been modified so that it is possible to install the game without the initial limitations, those that only allow to download Fortnite for Android in Samsung Galaxy smartphones . We tell you all the details below, including the risk of being banned.

In addition to the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 , another of the great news of the day has been the staging of Fortnite for Android. However, the announcement brings conditions. And is that only the range finishes of Samsung can install the game, for now. The rest, you have to register in a Beta for later, when you start the test program, you can access the download link of the official APK provided by Epic Games.

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Install Fortnite for Android on any compatible smartphone

With the activation of Fortnite for Android in the Samsung Galaxy, some of the developers of XDA have gone to work to examine, analyze and counter the measures with which Epic Games limits the installation of the game. You can now install Fortnite for Android on non-Samsung mobiles, with risk of banning

A first breakthrough comes through a Fortnite APK port. As the developer who has published it in the XDA forums explains, he has only disabled the software section that detects the type of device on which it is going to be installed. There are no more modifications, those that both require and users to remove the hardware restrictions.

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Possible bans

The developer in question explains that Safety Net has not been deactivated so that the app passes as unnoticed as possible by Epic Games servers. However, the same makes it clear that it is not responsible for any problem that may cause this modification since it is not infallible in the eyes of the developer. The result, in the worst case – besides not working on your smartphone – is that the company banes your Fortnite account. You can now install Fortnite for Android on non-Samsung mobiles, with risk of banning

So, if you are determined to proceed with the installation of this port of Fortnite for Android, be sure to register another account as tests because you could end up with your main account blocked and lose all your achievements.

On the other hand, the developer of this port facilitates the MD5 code and the SHA1 algorithm so that the software can be validated and avoid suspicions of possible viruses and malware, one of the greatest risks for users who have fallen into the trap during the previous weeks of hypnotic Fortnite APK files for Android. However, this time the source of the file and the reputation and visibility of the forum in which it has been posted on the Internet confer a certain amount of guarantees.

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You can download the APK file from the thread created by the developer in XDA , but remember that it is not sure that it works 100% on your smartphone, as is the case of some users who have told their experiences in the same post.

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