You can now follow the 2018 World Cup from the iPhone: Siri, Apps, News …


He Russian World Cup 2018 is about to monopolize all the news news. Scarves, flags and shouts will begin to flood our streets from tomorrow June 14 and we hope that it will be like this for another month, when the Spanish National Team participates in the final of the World Championship. Until that day arrives, you can follow the 2018 World Cup from the iPhone with everything Apple has prepared.

And is that the company has just announced all the news present in iOS during the next month. These new features allow adding functions to Siri, who will now inform you of everything that happens in Russia 2018 and the App Store, the app store that will suggest applications related to the 2018 World .


You can now follow the 2018 World Cup from the iPhone: Siri, Apps, News ...

As we have been able to check with other sporting events, Siri is already “updated” with all the World 2018 information . In this way if we want to ask about the championship calendar or the result of a match, live and direct, we will only have to ask the virtual assistant of the iPhone .

Apple says that Siri You can answer questions such as:

  • When does Spain play against Morocco?
  • Which teams are in group A?
  • What is the alignment of the English Selection?
  • Result of the Argentina-Iceland match?

Suggestions for apps

You can now follow the 2018 World Cup from the iPhone: Siri, Apps, News ...

But Siri is not the only Apple application that allows you follow the 2018 World Cup from the iPhone . Without going any further and throughout the month, the publishers of the App Store will choose their favorite apps and football games and give advice to users on how to use them. Apple sets the example to make a perfect picture during a game and how to stay up to date with everything that happens World Championship through social networks.

Also, during these days the App Store It will also make special emphasis on those apps and games related to football so that fans enjoy the tournament to the fullest. It is expected that we are recommended to download sports apps as well as games such as FIFA Mobile and PES 2018.

You can now play the FIFA World Cup on Mobile

Apple Music and Clips

And in a more playful than informative side, the novelties will also reach Apple Music . The music streaming application of the Cupertino company will include playlists of each of the 32 participating selections with the most fashionable artists chosen by the publishers of each country.

Users can also edit videos with the Clips app with new football-themed animations, such as animated stickers, labels and posters with customizable text.

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