You can now download the second public beta of iOS 12: what are the news?


At the beginning of last week, Apple finally released the first public beta of iOS 12 . A very anticipated moment for those users interested in trying out the iOS 12 news . After 10 days, the North American firm decides to launch a second version of tests , which integrates the same news as the recent OTA update for developers. We tell you all the details.

Now, the Beta of iOS 12 It begins to take shape. While the first Beta for developers was more stable than you would expect, the two subsequent updates released by the company have greatly optimized the software, as well as integrated a handful of new features.

New update of the iOS 12 Beta, which lets you see data about the iPad with Face ID

Second Public Beta of iOS 12, “Over The Air”

If you decided to Install the first public beta of iOS 12 less than two weeks ago, today you have the possibility to download and install the second iOS 12 Beta. This is what our colleagues from Apple5x1 , which also recapitulate how the process of launching the public Beta has been so much awaited by users.

So, if you were one of those who decided to embark on the adventure, you can access the section of software update of your iPhone or iPad, from the section of settings , and check the availability of this second Beta of iOS 12 in the form of OTA .

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News of iOS 12 Beta 2 e its public version

Well, if we install the second public beta of iOS 12, What news will we find? The truth is that this new update does not have features or improvements that we have not seen in Beta 3 for developers, as expected. You can now download the second public beta of iOS 12: what are the news?

The new version of iOS will offer us significant changes such as the redesign and improvement of Apple Maps . Unfortunately, at this time the changes do not affect us since they can only be seen in very specific regions such as San Francisco. However, it is an advance of what we will have at hand soon.

How to download and install the public beta of iOS 12 on your iPhone

Other improvements and news of iOS 12 Beta 2 public they refer to the solution of previously detected problems, such as the impossibility of entering the PIN when restarting the iDevice in question.

If you want to know the rest of the news, we urge you to visit the full Apple5x1 article , where you can find a detailed list of all the changes introduced by Manzana in this second public beta of iOS 12.

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