You can now download the Beta of EMUI 9.0 in these 9 models of Huawei and Honor


The launch of new models always brings a bittersweet flavor to those who currently have a previous generation model in their hands. No matter what brand you have, the arrival of a new version always feels like a stab in the heart, and with the new Huawei presented yesterday, it has happened again.

Many users owners of models that we can currently find in the market could check yesterday the news that includes EMUI 9.0 in the new terminals, especially the incorporation of Android 9 Pie as the base operating system. Well, there is good news for everyone, since the manufacturer has opened a new testing program so that users can test the EMUI 9.0 beta on their devices.

Which phones are compatible with the EMUI 9.0 beta?

You can now download the Beta of EMUI 9.0 in these 9 models of Huawei and Honor

In total there are 9 models that have been lucky enough to be able to enter the beta program of EMUI 9.0, all with Kirin 970 processor in their guts. The list of winners is the following:

How to enter the Huawei betas program

To be able to install the new version of the system you will have to update the Beta Tester application to the latest version ( and achieve being the first, since the manufacturer will limit the tests to 5,000 users per model , with a total of 45,000 users who will finally be able to try the news.

Differences between EMUI 9.0 and EMIO 8.0

You can download the “Beta User Testing” application from Huawei’s own page to start the process as soon as possible, although you should keep in mind that this type of version could include some errors that affect your day to day, either due to some error timely system or by some incompatibility with some basic application of your list of favorite applications.

With EMIU 9.0, users will be able to enjoy new features such as the incorporation of Turbo 2.0 GPU , a cleaner and more careful interface, improvements related to artificial intelligence and a new section to monitor all aspects related to well-being. In short, it is a leap in software-level features that no user should miss, so if you have the chance to get your hands on the new version through the beta, you better try it and try your luck with the waiting list. In any case, if your phone is one of those chosen for testing, you can rest easy, because sooner or later the update will arrive officially to your device. Patience!

EMUI 9.0, faster, smarter and more human

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