You can now download Florence, the new game for Android from the designer of Monument Valley

Several weeks of waiting after, Florence has landed on Google Play . The last title designed by Ken Wong, in charge of giving life to the minimalist and abstract universe of the saga Monument Valley , has come to Android to make us travel for a romantic adventure that, as they tell us since Xataka Android is based on the graphic novels “Slice of Life”.

East game for Android It’s the work of Mountains Studio, the developer company founded by the award-winning designer, after having achieved success by creating Monument Valley. It is the first title released by this firm, and can now be downloaded through Google Play.

Florence for Android: the first game created by the Monument Valley designer company

Its first release, on iOS, was held on February 14, conquering the hearts of thousands of players on the same Valentine’s day . Now, this emotional story of a young woman and her first love, arrives at Android a month later to continue reaping successes.

Florence Yeoh feels a bit … stagnant. His life is a constant routine of work, hours of sleep and excessive periods in social networks. Suddenly, one day he meets a cellist named Krish who completely changes his way of seeing the world.

You can now download Florence, the new game for Android from the designer of Monument Valley

Florence proposes an original comic format, in which each vignette has puzzles and puzzles that will have to be overcome to progress in the relationship with Krish. As expected, considering who is the game designer, the graphical section of Florence is exquisite , with a flat style formed by handmade drawings.

It is not a free game, but taking into account the background of the designer, and the opinions that the game harvests since its launch in the iOS App Store , I’m afraid it’s worth it pay the 2.29 euros that they ask for it.

Google Play | Florence (2.29 euros)

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