You are here Candy Crush Friends Saga: enjoy more sweets and colorines in 3D


King promised us that today, October 11, would be the day chosen for the premiere of ” Candy Crush Friends Saga and, true to his announcement, today launched this game. Are you ready for an overdose of colorines, cookies and caramelitos in 3D?

The new title of the Swedish developer comes to join the broad catalog of games of the firm. True to its casual and very visual style , ” Candy Crush Friends Saga ” offers followers another excuse to get hooked, with updated graphics and new game modes.

Candy Crush Friends Saga now available

Needless to say, the dynamics of the game is the same: in ” Candy Crush Friends Saga ” you will have to move and combine candies to unlock rewards, as well as friends and even collectible costumes for your favorite Candy characters. The more candies you pick up, they explain from King, the more power you’ll have on the board to enjoy the experience.

This new title within the saga enjoys hundreds of levels to play, with sweets that help you overcome levels, ways in which there are cookies, octopuses and even mammoths to release, and even a book of stickers that serves as a platform to exchange the costumes you get with those of your friends. All seasoned with the 3D graphic touch , giving a new air to a dynamic that, far from being repetitive and tiresome, continues to hook thousands of people around the globe.

You are here Candy Crush Friends Saga: enjoy more sweets and colorines in 3D

You have to go back to March 2011 to talk about the first Candy Crush title. You may not know it, but its premiere took place on King’s own website. In April of 2012 the game made the leap to Facebook, gaining then a great popularity that not even its developer expected. Such was the boom that was experienced in the social network, that the firm did not think twice and decided after launching ” Candy Crush Saga” on mobile devices (specifically for iOS and Android) in November of that year.

Available to play both online and offline, the title can be installed on both Android and iOS. For the first, you can now direct yourself to this download link of ” Candy Crush Friends Saga ” on Google Play ; for the Apple mobile platform, you will have to access this other link to the App Store where you also have the title available for you to spend the dead hours on your iPhone.

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