Yes, LG is also working on a folding mobile

The fashions go by seasons and, when saying this, we have not discovered Rome. In the field of mobile phones this statement is perfectly applicable and we are seeing this with the current market trend of launching mobiles with frames without frames. Looking back a little further we remember the landing of the dual cameras as well as the implementation of fingerprint sensors in our phones. It seems that next year the prevailing fashion in this sector will be that of folding mobile .

Yesterday we talked about the possible curved battery Samsung Galaxy X , which could become the first folding smartphone to reach stores (as long as its exclusivity allows). Apparently this mobile would be presented in the MWC of 2019, where you could share time and space with the folding cell phone of another Korean firm: LG.

And it is that in the last hours a patent of the LG folding mobile that shows the operation of its screen, which would fold on itself thanks to a series of hinges that expand and contract to reduce or expand the size of the display. As a picture is worth a thousand words, here are the designs proposed by the manufacturer to give life to your folding mobile.

It is not the first time that we find a LG patent for your folding mobile . At the beginning of the year we discovered a prototype of LG where we found a kind of smartphone divided into three parts, of extreme thinness , almost like paper, able to fold outwards as if it were a cardboard triptych.

The LG folding mobile

As for the new patent granted in the last hours to the manufacturer based in South Korea, it describes the body of a phone with a flexible screen, which folds horizontally to half the length of the phone thanks to a hinge of four links From what we can see in the sketches, it would seem a very similar system to what we can find in other devices such as Microsoft Surface Book. The difference is that on this occasion, a screen is folded over the keyboard, but the screen completely.

Yes, LG is also working on a folding mobile

In addition to this design, the information reflected in the patent of the LG folding smartphone it allows us to notice that the phone has two microphones, dual speakers and dual antennas. One of the cameras will be placed outside the closed screen so that users can do without problems even when the screen is folded on itself. A screen that, by the way, follows the trend of this year and would boast of a design without bevels and, we assume, that a display format higher than 18: 9 .

Maybe it is not the final design or the first folding mobile that would reach our stores, but of course it is further proof that the future will be dominated by this type of devices, born to the shelter of content consumption from our smartphones.

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