Xiaomi publishes the Pocophone F1 launcher on Google Play, free and compatible with all

Xiaomi publishes the Pocophone F1 launcher on Google Play, free and compatible with all

If you like to personalize your smartphone , you will like to know that Google Play continues adding options among its large catalog of launchers, those apps that completely modify the main interface of your phone so you can adapt it to your tastes without major complications.

The last to join the gallery has been the launcher of the Pocophone F1 , an interface that differs slightly from the classic experience of MIUI choosing to include an application launcher more of the style of Android Pure Google , without the icons scattered around the desktop but keeping the usual graphic care in Xiaomi devices.

In fact, many users have . Perhaps it has been these praises that have made Xiaomi decide to publish the launcher for free and open to all.

POCO Launcher is a light app, with only 16 MB of weight , and that was born in its version accumulating more than 100,000 downloads on its first day of life outside the Pocophone F1.

Its graphics remind us of a much cleaner version of MIUI , and the application is optimized to work fast and smoothly, without consuming too many resources and also allowing personalization of icons and management of the apps to be displayed in the drawer . As if this were not enough, adds a convenient search option and promises to improve, because it has just been born.

So, if you want an interface with careful graphics, very simple to use , clean and without too many options, also free , that allows personalization of icons and that is compatible with any Android phone over the version 5.0 LollipopGive it a try at the POCO Launcher!

Launcher POCO (free) | Google Play Store

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