Xiaomi presents a jacket with heating, essential for winter!

Xiaomi presents a jacket with heating, essential for winter!

Xiaomi continues to surprise with the launch of new devices far from the world of mobile phones. If the company recently announced a , now it shows its new invention: a jacket with heating .

With this, heat is administered in both places, using intelligent diodes, which are capable of automatically switching off when a maximum temperature of fifty degrees is reached . To turn on the heating, the brand has placed a button on the bottom of the jacket and has a special sensor integrated under the right front pocket that informs about the discharge of the battery . The energy is supplied through the use of an external battery , which is not included and which is deposited in an auxiliary pocket.

An ideal jacket for any weather

Xiaomi presents a jacket with heating, essential for winter!

This garment has a gabardine style and is made with 90% goose feathers , which ensure a good thermal protection and does not present problems when washing. Its characteristics make it an ideal garment for any climate , from the cold of spring to the rainiest winter. This is partly due to the fact that this jacket is made with four levels of water resistance, with IPX7 grade protection.

According to the developers, the system has passed several tests and is completely safe , since they have incorporated protection against short circuits . The design of the garment, which is minimalist, is designed to protect the user effectively from wind and cold, such as the use of double fists or a hood that allows a closed igloo type. In addition, the zippers offer reinforced security to prevent possible breakage.

The jacket of Xiaomi, called 90 Points Jacket , will go on sale next October 15 at a price of 549 yuan, about 70 euros to change , and will be available at the moment in China and in all sizes.

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