Xiaomi opens today its first store in Granada and the fifth in Madrid!

Xiaomi opens today its first store in Granada and the fifth in Madrid!

Since he arrived in Spain, Xiaomi does not stop, and in addition to adapting multiple products to our market -like his laptop, which has finally been put in print- they are also opening a large number of official establishments in our country, and that is something we love.

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Well, after the company kicked off its store in Puerta del Sol, in Madrid, today, Saturday, July 7, the new stores of Granada and Madrid of the Chinese company open their doors, Do you want to know more details?

These are the new Xiaomi stores in Madrid and Granada


Granada is the location chosen by Xiaomi for its arrival in Andalusia, and specifically, the new Mi Store is located in the shopping mall Nevada Shopping, located in Armilla. The first Xiaomi store in Andalusia has been expected, but it is finally here.

  • Avenida de las Palmeras, 75, 18100 Armilla, Granada


After so many stores opened in Madrid, Xiaomi has finally decided to start moving to the east, and the new Xiaomi store is located in the Plenilunio Shopping Center, in the Airport neighborhood. A good move by the company, which, as usual, is located in a shopping center with a lot of people.

  • Calle Aracne, 3, 28022 Madrid

After this, we only need to know where the next stores of the company will be located. Although the truth is that we have a clue that tells us that it will open in Leganés, south of Madrid. On the other hand, there is also the mystery of knowing if the firm will end up opening more than the 10 stores that it had planned for this year, or if it will wait until 2019 to continue its expansion.


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