Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone, first unboxing and all the information of Xiaomi VR glasses

Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone, first unboxing and all the information of Xiaomi VR glasses

This is not the first incursion of Xiaomi in virtual reality , and is that in fact, the successful Chinese manufacturer likes to sneak into all niche markets while always maintaining its, populating the market devices with the best quality at very low prices .

This is the case of the new virtual reality glasses Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone , which were presented last week accompanying the, toand the new 75-inch TVwith Android TV.

It is a VR device designed in collaboration with Oculus , almost a Chinese version of the Oculus Go glasses released by the company now owned by Facebook, and do not think that it is an accessory for the smartphone because The My VR Standalone are independent virtual reality glasses and with its own hardware platform:

Specifications Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone
screen IPS LCD 60/72 Hz, 16: 9 format, 2,560 x 1,440 pixels
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 821Quad-core (2x Kryo @ 2.35 GHz & 2x Kryo @ 1.6 GHz) Adreno 530 GPU
Storage 32 or 64 GB
Battery 2,600 mAh
Connectivity Wireless controller, 360º speakers, 3.5mm audio-jack connector, microUSB port, Wi-Fi 801.11ac
Dimensions and weight 190 x 115 x 105 (mm) | 425 (g)

As you will see, it is undoubtedly an apparatus capable of provide the best VR experience without the need to connect a smartphone , and also has the advantage of competing in a market with very few devices, most of high performance and with very high prices.

According to Xiaomi, it is equivalent to having a high-performance smartphone, plus an optical virtual reality system, plus the motion sensor in three dimensions, plus a wireless somatosensory controller. All in a VR glasses that start around 200 euros in China , an unmatched cost for other independent options.

The collaboration of Xiaomi and Oculus is for this product in particular, but it is positive it has been Oculus who has been in charge of making the most of the Mi VR Standalone , with its diffractive optical system specialized in reducing glare and the sensation of vertigo.

My VR Standalone, already on sale and first unboxing

Obviously Xiaomi’s new virtual reality glasses are taking their first steps in China and are not officially available in Europe yet . However, you can already resort to import shops, where the glassesToday. The novelty and exclusivity have to be paid …

In addition, we already have the first unboxing made in his native country, so here we leave you with a complete gallery of images that shows you in all its splendor to the best independent VR glasses on the market in terms of quality / price ratio :

The agreement of Xiaomi and Oculus also includes software , so the My VR Standalone are powered by the entire catalog of applications and games available in Oculus systems. In addition, it has a application store called Xiaomi VR where we will find much more content.

Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone (€ 313.19) on GearBest



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