Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Honor 10 and iPhone 8: Amazon Featured Deals


He Catalogue of Amazon smartphones always offers us some interesting offer, as a rule with lower prices. Such is the case of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 , the phablet without frames, or the Honor 10 with notch u Honor View 10 . Also the latest model of Manzana , he iPhone 8 , figure with a discount of about 200 euros. We tell you all the details.

He Amazon Prime Day 2018 approaches, scheduled for next July 16 . On the other hand, we continue to look for offers of smartphones in their catalog with which to reduce the purchase price through discounts. On this occasion, we have several models that may be of interest to you. Models with lower prices such as Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Honor 10, Honor 10 View or iPhone 8 .

The Chinese phablet, with discount

Although we already have the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, the previous generation can be an interesting purchase option for those who value the price above any other factor. In this case, the price of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is currently on Amazon for 353 euros, which is a discount of almost 50 euros compared to its original price. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Honor 10 and iPhone 8: Amazon Featured Deals

In return, we have one of the most stylish smartphones on the market, with its large screen without frames as a differentiating element. Inside, we also find weighty arguments, as you can see from the data sheet of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.


Honor, balanced and aesthetic models

In the Amazon catalog we can also access offers of models such as the Honor 10 and the Honor 10 View. In the case of the first, the most current, its price appears with a discount of 40 euros. In total, 359 euros for the model in black. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Honor 10 and iPhone 8: Amazon Featured Deals

As you can see through the official photos that appear in its technical sheet, the main difference compared to its brother range is the presence of notch on the screen, although you can know the rest of the characteristics of Honor 10 from the section of his technical sheet.


If in fact the fashion of the notch does not go with you, you have at your disposal also the Honor 10 View on offer. The current price is 439 euros, which means a reduction of more than 60 euros compared to its official price, set at 499 euros. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Honor 10 and iPhone 8: Amazon Featured Deals

Regarding the characteristics of the Honor 10 View, we refer you in the same way to the technical file of the model, through which you can see official photos and videos, as well as a complete dossier with all its specifications.


iPhone 8, cheaper

If you lean more for iOS instead of for Android, Amazon also highlights the offer of one of the latest Apple models. And is that the iPhone 8 can be purchased for 640 euros through one of the partners associated with the form of e-commerce. As you can see, the discount is interesting given that it is the 64 GB version, which in the Apple catalog is available for 809 euros. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Honor 10 and iPhone 8: Amazon Featured Deals

As in the previous cases, we refer you to the data sheet of the iPhone 8 to check all its specifications and features, as well as the analysis of the model and information of interest.


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