Xiaomi Mi 8: confirmed its filing date. What’s wrong with the Xiaomi Mi 7?


These days it was rumored that the presentation of Xiaomi Mi 8 would take place at an event that the mobile firm will hold later this month in Shenzhen, China. However, until now we could not even confirm the existence of Xiaomi Mi 8 officially, something that the manufacturer has just done giving rise to all kinds of rumors.

Xiaomi has just officially announced that it will hold a launch event on may 31 in the Chinese city, where the company will launch its phone that celebrates the eighth anniversary of the company. Here there is no place for rumors, because the invitation for the event shows a huge “8”. It is true that the same can refer to the 8 years that the brand meets, but the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, has revealed that the company will launch multiple products this May 31.

Xiaomi Mi 8: confirmed its filing date.  What's wrong with the Xiaomi Mi 7?

There are no more clues of what Xiaomi will launch at the end of the month, but we could be attending the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 8 as well as the expected Xiaomi Mi Band 3 which occupies a privileged position among the wishes of the fans of the brand. It is said that this event will be one of the largest and most important presentations for Xiaomi this year since it is held in an amphitheater with a capacity of 5,000 people.

Knowing that we will see the Xiaomi Mi 8, also know as Xiaomi 8th Anniversary Edition and the sports bracelet … can we expect to see also a Xiaomi Mi 7?

What’s wrong with the Xiaomi Mi 7?

The bets a few days ago claimed that the Xiaomi Mi 7 would be presented tomorrow . Even on the Web a poster appeared that directly alluded to May 23 together with a huge 7 in the sky, in the style of the invitation for the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 8. However, since then, we have not had more news about. It is likely that the brand presents both devices in a similar way to what Apple did with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but there is also the possibility that the Chinese manufacturer choose to launch only the Xiaomi Mi 8, leaving the Xiaomi Mi 7 in oblivion.

And it is that until now the Filtered images of the Xiaomi Mi 7 and the first Photographs of the Xiaomi Mi 8 They are too similar, so we would be talking about the same model with a name change.

There is barely a week left to confirm the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi 8 as well as what will happen to the Xiaomi Mi 7 .

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