Xiaomi launches a low cost version of its special mouse for gaming

Xiaomi launches a low cost version of its special mouse for gaming

You know whatIt is a brand that, whatever you ask, has it. Be it a, a set of knives, a robot vacuum cleaner or a razor, surely Xiaomi has a sub-brand that covers all your needs . The gaming sector, of course, was not going to be less. Although we already know more than enough about, what not many people know is that Xiaomi has a brand of articles for gamers whose name is Blazing Soul , more known in this world as YU.

One of its star devices is the YU Y720 , a mouse for gaming that is worth $ 75. Lots of money for a casual player, right? Well, good news, habemus low-cost version! The new Xiaomi mouse, code name YU Y720 Lite , its price has dropped to 52 dollars. Its main difference with respect to its older brother is that its DPI sensitivity is 7200 compared to 12000 of the most expensive model , and that is something more rounded, but little more.

Account with seven buttons and non-slip surface (if you are one of those who sweat your hands while playing that you will love), its texture is similar to that of the skin and is anti-stain – although inThey say that if it gets stained, you can wipe it and wipe it clean. It incorporates a PMW3360 optical engine, chip of 32 MB to 48 MHz and has five modes of PPP . Also, as you can see in the images, it has different light effects (supports 16.8 million colors) and can be illuminated in all directions. It’s like having a disco in your hand, in a few words.

At the moment it is not available for purchase , but surely it does not take long to be in the main export stores like Gearbest or Geekbuying. Its price to change will be about 47 euros, although it is possible that this is slightly higher due to taxes and other fees.


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