Xiaomi expands its catalog in Spain with its laptop!

Xiaomi expands its catalog in Spain with its laptop!

If there is something that characterizes Xiaomi, in addition to very cheap prices, it is the multidisciplinary that is as a company, since is involved in many markets that, a priori, are not too related to each other.

All these products have had to see them from afar, and to buy them through import, but Xiaomi has already brought to Spain a lot of home automation products, And now it’s your laptop’s turn!

Xiaomi expands its catalog in Spain with its laptop!

These are all the products that Xiaomi has presented today

Xiaomi Mi Air 13 inches

The first device introduced today by Xiaomi is its laptop, a device with an incredible appearance – quite similar to the Macbook of Apple and that we think one of the best options that there is right now in relation quality price.

Its screen is 13.3 inches at Full HD resolution, so its size is not too bulky, and also takes advantage of the edges to introduce an HDMI connection, two USB 3.0, a 3.5 mm Jack and a USB Type C. Yes It looks like a Macbook but with more outputs than the Apple device.

To this we can add that it has a fingerprint reader on the trackpad, an Intel I5 processor, an NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics and 8 GB of RAM, so the performance is assured, although, as you can understand, It has a lot of margin ahead, so if you are a very advanced user you may fall short sometimes.

Also, for the first time in history, Xiaomi has entered the letter eñe on the keyboard of her laptop -from there the presentation in Spain- so if you speak Castilian and prefer to keep the distribution of the traditional keyboard, you do not have to give up this. In addition, the keyboard is backlit!

Undoubtedly, it is a very competent device capable of competing with any other laptop, with the advantage of its excellent design. And that, logically, will have to pay for it. Specifically, this Xiaomi Mi Air 13-inch will come out for a price of 899 euros, rather more than what costs outside our borders, but with the advantage of the integrated letter eñe and technical service within the borders of our country, What do you think about the price?


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