Xiaomi Black Shark 2 is filtered on video: Colorful LEDs flood phones for 'gamers'

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 is filtered on video: Colorful LEDs flood phones for 'gamers'

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Those doubts that we wake up the phones for gamers are precisely focused on their differentiation, and is that any high-end phone is a phone to play if we add a quality gamepad to the formula, and although really Xiaomi is the only one that advanced in that sense with his ‘Joy’ the certain thing is that some multicolored LEDs do not justify the existence of a new range.

It seems that there was an unwritten rule that a product to play has to be multicolored and with striking design, although it seems that the Black Shark 2 will soften its lines a little to give prominence to the LEDs of colors and not so much to that design more ” industrial “terminal.

Surely these LED strips that accompany the Black Shark logo can be managed by software to announce notifications , or they could also get a kind of ambient light when playing or watching videos, although we really do not have any information about real usability beyond the aspect striking.

Obviously, it is worth mentioning the rear camera, which is dual in this case and with lenses that protrude slightly from the back case, leaving space just below for a fingerprint reader that will remain centered on the back.

It will still be waiting to know more details, although we are shaping a second generation Black Shark that, after the activation of

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