Xiaomi announced an 18 percent increase in revenue forecast for 2017

Near sources have stated that Xiaomi The banks and investment institutions have reported an 18 percent increase in their revenue for 2017 compared to the initial projections.

Close sources have said Xiaomi has announced to banks that its revenue has increased compared with projections for 2017. According to the information provided, the Chinese company expects to see a 18% increase in revenue by 2017 compared to its initial forecasts. Xiaomi, meanwhile, sees an increase in revenue that has steadily dropped sales over the past two years, and has lowered its revenue.

Hearings suggest that Xiaomi will earn $ 1 billion in net income of $ 17 billion or $ 18 billion in 2017. Net profit earned by Xiaomi in 2018 is expected to increase to $ 2 billion.

Bankers and investors expect Xiaomi to achieve a value of $ 100 billion by 2019, continuing its growing revenue stream. Xiaomi’s spokeswoman said that the Xiaomi-based revenue gains of $ 15 billion in 2017 would not be enough for the initial offer of shares in the company.

Xiaomi has been valued at more than $ 46 billion since the last stage of fundraising since then, while China’s start-up has always been slowing down in sales over the next two years, and thus lowering revenue, with Chinese rivals such as companies Huawei, Vivo and Oppo succeeded in pushing the Chinese company in the domestic market in terms of sales volume.

In the past two years, Xiaomi has also been focusing on smartphone sales in other areas such as home appliances and other gadgets. DOreong the third quarter of this year, Xiaomi managed to take Apple’s fourth place in terms of sales.

Xiaomi also sold in a number of countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Based on sources that have not been verified, Xiaomi’s value at the end of June is estimated at more than $ 55 billion.

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