Write lyrics to Spotify songs and many other players with this application


Would you like to accurately understand the lyrics of those songs you listen to on Spotify , Play Music and other streaming music services? Sing without fear of being wrong? The application 1 Lyrics for Android helps you to achieve it thanks to its integration with the interface of all types of players, even those that allow us to listen to our favorite lists stored in the memory of the smartphone -or tablet-.

Sometimes, you may want to listen to background music to relax. However, the songs are more than harmony between musical notes. They can hide imperceptible messages. It is the letter that, without realizing it, is there to add another dimension to music . The problem comes when the language, or the pronunciation of the singer, is presented as a barrier to clearly understand each phrase that makes up that letter.

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Lyrics for almost all songs

Luckily, we have before us tools as useful as 1 Lyrics . An application for Android that is especially interesting for its lightness, its simplicity of use and, in addition, free. While there are other alternatives for both iOS and Android, such as SounHound , as we have wielded, 1 Lyrics offers its great appeal in ease of use, without permits beyond those strictly necessary, but above all for its compatibility with practically any music player , either for local songs or accessible through streaming service. Write lyrics to Spotify songs and many other players with this application

How it works 1 Lyrics

The operation of 1 Lyrics is as simple as installing the app from the Play Store and completing the mini guide from which we can know the functionality of the app and grant the necessary permissions for its proper functioning. This starts immediately after executing 1 Lyrics for the first time.

Download 1 Lyrics from Google Play

Once active, we will just have to start our musical session. As we have already said, it can be through Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music , as well as players like Samsung or others as popular as PowerAMP . The indispensable condition is that they offer metadata support . Write lyrics to Spotify songs and many other players with this application

Be it from the player that is, if we access the curtain of notifications of the device, a notification of 1 Lyrics will appear in which the name and the artist of the song appear . If we click on it, a window automatically appears at the bottom of the player’s interface where the lyrics of the song we hear at that moment are displayed.

Among the options of settings that are provided 1 Lyrics find the ability to save letters, highlight them or the level of transparency of the capo in which the letters themselves are displayed.

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