Without control of the Play Store Fortnite you can access all your phone


There has been much speculation about the real reasons why Fortnite on Android will only be available outside the Google Play Store. And today there is another possible reason for this controversial decision of Epic Games to avoid the strict control that Google makes of the apps that are distributed.

Yesterday we told you that another factor of the game was going to match the games played on mobile devices, Android and iOS, and that will have a great significance in the development of the game.

Is this the reason why Fortnite does not reach the Play Store?

Fortnite can now be downloaded on any Android mobile , although with limitations and danger of banning. As we say, many have wondered why Fortnite has been left out of the Play Store when it was marketed for Android phones. Epic Games has decided to avoid the store and make the game available to players from their own website. Initially this decision has been attributed to a purely economic factor, since in this way the benefit for Epic is net, and should not pay anything to Google.

Without control of the Play Store Fortnite you can access all your phone

But as we have been able to know through one of the Reddit forums , there could be another reason, with somewhat more questionable motivations, for Epic to decide to leave the game out of the Play Store . And it would be the permissions of the game to be able to access different facets of our phone. According to this thread, although the real permissions that we can see in the game are only those of Warehouse and contacts, in reality the API on which Fortnite is developed could offer total control over the whole telephone. This API would be based on Android 5.0 Lollipop , being much less secure than the Oreo view.

Without control of the Play Store Fortnite you can access all your phone

The latter, asks for permissions every time we install an application, so that no part of the phone is accessed without our knowledge. But when using the oldest API, this confers by default all the permissions to the app in its installation. Obviously this is possible to be aside from the control of Google , which would not allow this kind of practices for an app uploaded to the Play Store. Obviously we do not know for sure that this is one of the real reasons why Epic Games has decided to leave Fortnite outside of the Play Store, but it is clear that it highlights the dangers that we expose ourselves when downloading the game out of control from Google, even from a well-known source, such as Epic Games.

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