With this app you can give movement effect to your photos


Surely you’ve seen more than once photos, a priori normal, where part of the scene is movement, creating a rather resultón and striking optical effect. Would you like to know how it is done? Well, you know that the answer is just a click away. Continue reading.

StoryZ is a mobile application capable of creating colorful movement effects in static photos. Today we tell you all its details and we explain how to handle it so you can do your own assemblies.

StoryZ Photo: how to create moving photos

StoryZ is a photographic animation app that is responsible for creating animated effects in your images to give them movement. The platform has two editing modes: the so-called Riple, which combines motion effects in photos, adding directional pointers; and Motion mode, which allows you to create video stories by combining background video with a still image.

To make use of the first mode, Ripple , you will have to select a photo and add points and arrows of movement in the area you want and determine the direction of it. You also have the option to select stabilization points to better limit the dynamic effect you are looking for in the static area, and you can also modify or delete any of these steps during the editing process.

With this app you can give movement effect to your photos

As for the so- called Motion mode , you must also select the photo and choose any video from your gallery (or look it up on a Pixabay base). After that, you will have to cut it to adjust the image, by using the brush tool of the app, and merge it with the photo.

The menus are simple and easy to use once you get familiar (quickly) with them. From there, there is only your imagination and ability to transform your image into something with much more life. The assemblies, of course, can be saved and shared to keep them on your phone, as well as share them through the application, in the so-called Events – you know, the typical integrated social network attempt of all this type of applications that then almost nobody uses or even knows that it exists.

StoryZ Photo is available for both Android phones and iPhones (with iOS, of course), so you just have to go to the links below to download it from Google Play and the App Store, respectively. Do you already have in mind the editing you are going to do with your photos?

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