Wipe the trash of WhatsApp automatically to gain space on Android


Although smartphones with greater storage capacity are being launched on the market , it is no less true that the vast majority of users continue to use mobile phones with 8 or 16 GB of internal capacity. And it is common for them to soon run out of space.

One of the main reasons why we run out of space, we find it in the most famous instant messaging application of the place. Many do not know but the amount of garbage WhatsApp that we accumulate in our mobile phones can take care of, by itself, occupy much of the memory of the phone.

And is that with so many groups of chats, conversations and states, most likely your mobile is full of photographs, videos, Gifs, audio files or documents that have been sent to you by WhatsApp . The worst thing is that surely many of them are duplicated and the trash of WhatsApp is consuming a most valuable space on your phone.

WhatsApp Cleaner

Fortunately in Play Store there are many applications that allow us to delete the trash of WhatsApp in the simplest way you can imagine, since most of these apps automate the process. In some occasions we have taught you to erase WhatsApp photos and videos in one go, but the WhatsApp Cleaner app is the most complete that we can put in your face.

Wipe the trash of WhatsApp automatically to gain space on Android

Normally the applications that we use to delete the files received from WhatsApp require our “hand” to select the content to be deleted. However, the most important feature of the WhatsApp Cleaner application is that it allows you to delete the trash of WhatsApp from your phone automatically.

For this the application has a configuration in which we can establish how often we want the app to delete the duplicate (or all) WhatsApp files. But the most interesting thing is that, in addition to a temporary interval, we can set a storage limit. In this way if, for example, we mark that the cleaner “acted” when the memory of the mobile goes down to 2 GB, WhatsApp Cleaner will allow us to save space in Android in a simple way.

In addition to cleaning the garbage of WhatsApp , the Android application that you can download for free gives you the opportunity to make backup copies of the files sent and received through WhatsApp, because not everything will be deleted.

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