Winamp returns next year with application for iOS and Android


Society has changed a lot in the last decade and the smartphone has become a fundamental part of our lives. This not only means new ways of communicating or interacting with the world around us that we would never have imagined, but also a second opportunity for large companies that lived through their golden age with the normalization of the Internet. The last example of this is in Winamp .

Winamp , for those younger in the place, is a legendary that was a staple of all computers at the beginning of the last decade. A small program that we used to listen to our songs with infinite customization and reproduction options that died with the arrival of smartphones and, above all, streaming platforms such as Spotify or similar. According to TechCrunch , the old Windows program will become an application for iOS and Android that will bring together music, podcasts and radio in one place.

Winamp returns next year with application for iOS and Android

The new Winamp

Last month, Radionomy , the company that bought Winamp from AOL and is now responsible for bringing this new project to fruition, launched a beta of the Windows application 5 years after the end of support for the music player, a version is compatible with Windows 8.1 as with Windows 10. It was only a matter of time before the application for iOS and Android saw the light, and that is what was announced by lexandre Saboundjian, the CEO of Radionomy and current owner of Winamp .

Winamp 6 will come to iOS and Android next year, although there is still no specific date, as a new independent application. We speak of a renewed application completely reminiscent of the past that will allow you to listen to local content and in the cloud. However, at the moment it is not proposed as an alternative to Spotify or other streaming music services because the app will work with its own content.

The new Winamp , after appearing in App store and Google Play Store, will allow you to listen to our songs, our podcasts, our playlists, and any content stored locally or in the cloud. We can also create our own radio stations and synchronize with the computer version of the application, which is why storage in the cloud is particularly important. The music we have on the computer can be heard from the smartphone and vice versa.

At the moment there are no more details of how the application will work but we hope to have more news before the end of the year.

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