Will the Samsung Galaxy S10 come with fingerprint reader 'all screen'? This patent would confirm it


Samsung has registered a new patent and this could put us on the trail of the design of nothing less than the Galaxy S10 . The expected phone of the house should see the light, if the accounts do not fail, at the next Mobile World Congress 2019, but that does not mean that it is already talking about its possible benefits. The one that now occupies us would have to do with its screen and the fingerprint reader . Are you interested? Well, continue reading.

A few days ago, a first Samsung patent was leaked showing that the firm was fully involved in the implementation of the fingerprint reader integrated into the screen. This sensor was limited to a small and concrete area of ​​the panel, leaving us to think that it would not be very different from what the already offers or the one that will integrate the OnePlus 6T . Now a new document shows us that, luckily, we were wrong.

A fingerprint reader that “occupies” the entire screen

As we say, although the first patent showed a similar technology to that existing in other terminals, the second file shows us something much more interesting: a screen capable of reading our fingerprint at any point of it. It would be the implementation of an advanced full screen scanner with a technology capable of increasing the brightness of the aforementioned panel as soon as a touch is detected and scanning the finger three times to guarantee its reading.

We would find ourselves with a more accurate and faster fingerprint reader system (at least that is what this patent claims to guarantee) that could even be implemented in folding type equipment – you know that 2019 is expected to be supposedly the year of this type of devices.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S10 come with fingerprint reader 'all screen'? This patent would confirm it

Something that catches quite the attention of the images that accompany the information of the patent – and that perhaps you have also escamado – is that the illustrations show two very different phones . While the left-over these lines, has a more classic design and quite seen (those margins seem almost a thing of the past), the right hand looks a virtually borderless smartphone that looks much more than the current design trend within the mobile telephony sector.

We do not know why these two design differences if the implementation of the Galaxy S10 is expected to occur, whose appearance should undoubtedly resemble the second described equipment, although unfortunately it is something that could still take months to know … if no filter is ahead as a few days ago passed with the screen technologies of the Galaxy S10 . Do not worry, if so, we will inform you immediately.

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