Will apps that allow you to read messages deleted from WhatsApp stop working?


Whatsapp implemented at the end of 2017 the option of delete messages in chats . However, shortly after they began to proliferate applications for Android that allowed read deleted messages from WhatsApp . An option available today, although we do not know if it will be for a limited time, according to the latest news announced by apps developers such as DirectChat or WhatsRemoved +.

Who has not been wrong on occasion to send a message of Whatsapp the wrong person for a mistake? An error with greater or lesser importance depending on the message in question. Luckily, WhatsApp decided at the end of 2017 to introduce an option to delete messages from WhatsApp within a period of time of 68 minutes since the aforementioned message was sent.

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Threat for apps that read deleted messages from WhatsApp

However, this function was virtually neutralized shortly after the jump to the forefront of apps specializing in reading the aforementioned messages deleted from WhatsApp. How? The secret lies in the use of API 18 – NofificationListenerService – from Android. The apps in question have access to the information of other apps through system notifications and store the information in memory. Will apps that allow you to read messages deleted from WhatsApp stop working?

Now, developers of these types of applications may have to eliminate this functionality, as echoed XatakaAndroid . And is that for several days there are several developers of these types of apps that have denounced through the community of Reddit who have received a load of WhatsApp lawyers requesting the blocking of this type of tools because they violate the terms and conditions of service of the instant messaging app .

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Real risk?

The truth is that, in conjunction with this public complaint, other developers of similar apps, such as WhatsRemoved + They have assured that they received the same letter. In the case of this app, Google removed the software from the Play Store claiming that it was against the Distribution agreement that every app must comply with to be available on Google Play. In this sense, it refers to the ability to interfere in any way in the software or services of third parties. Transferred to the case of the messaging app, the fact of distorting the functionality of deleting WhatsApp messages.

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In the face of such action, the developer of WhatsRemoved + was forced to suppress the function of reading messages deleted from WhatsApp so that your application would be available again in the Android store.

Given this situation, it is worth asking if the actions undertaken by WhatsApp for prevent the use of apps that allow you to read deleted messages they will be effective enough -and legal- to eradicate this type of software, at least from the official software distribution means. Meanwhile, those involved and the community of developers in general, debate if the position of WhatsApp is legal since their apps only make use of the API 18 available on Android, in the same way as other applications like Pushbullet .

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