Why the lateral reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a great idea

Why the lateral reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a great idea

A few years ago, Sony released on its Xperia Z5 fingerprint reader side . A location that provoked mixed feelings, but that personally seemed to me a success. Until the arrival of the rear and front readers, the mobile was unlocked with the unlock button – pure and hard logic – located on the right side of our smartphones.

Why not make this button a fingerprint reader? A basic idea, but sublime . Yes, we already know that lefties may have a problem with this but … being something cruel and realistic, mobiles are manufactured for most people, and left-handed people only represent about 10% of the world’s population. Do they have less right to unlock their mobile? No. Are the objects made for right-handers? Yes

The side reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10

Why the lateral reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a great idea

This morning,, while its versions more premium they would have a fingerprint reader under the screen. Samsung is not the example of the best fingerprint readers, but its commitment to the side raises the benefits of these fingerprints .

First, a lateral reader unleashes the design of a device . No distractions in front, with a tabula rasa in the back to do what you want, without depending on the reader. This year, we have seen how manufacturers like OnePlus have wanted to focus the camera, which makes the reader go to a somewhat low part of the phone, in which we have to fight for not giving the camera if we want to unlock with this method.


That the reader is on the side – if it is located at a good height – means that your finger will always fall on the reader , and we will not have problems of this kind. Also, as we said, it will serve as a basis for the Samsung Galaxy S10 can take a turn in its design , and is that practically from the Galaxy S7, we continue with a design traced in the Galaxy devices.

That said, we are pleased that Samsung has opted for this option for which Sony bet a few years ago, and we hope that the speed and user experience it provides is excellent.


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