Why Selfie deaths are becoming so common?

Why Selfie deaths are becoming so common?

According to a study published by US-Based University, Pakistan is on the second place in killer-selfie ranking with nine deaths.

India is leading this list with 76 people who lost their lives while taking selfies. In search of the best selfie, more people have died in India in the past two years as compared to the total number of selfie related deaths in the rest of the world.

By doing research on internet and social media, researchers have found that 127 confirmed deaths occurred due to selfies since the last 3 years.

People’s lust for more likes and comments on social media are the cause of increase in life risking selfies.

In the year 2015 alone, people took so many disastrous selfies just to win the tag of the dangerous selfie of the year that people lost more lives due to selfies than shark attacks.

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