Why is the color of the planes white?


Have you ever wondered why the color of most planes is white? Interestingly, there are many scientific and economic reasons for airplanes being white.

We all see a lot of planes a day , but we pay less attention to their color. As you have seen, the color of most airplanes is white. The colors of the planes are usually chosen as white as their body and economic savings. Here we try to provide scientific and logical reasons for the color of airplanes white. The same reasons have made it difficult to see colorful planes in the sky.

Why is the color of the planes white?

Scientific reasons

Thermal science is the most important scientific reason for the airplane’s color. Professor R. Hans Hans believes that the best color to keep the body of the aircraft cool is white; it’s just like the white dress in the wilderness, the most suitable for keeping the body cool. Protecting plastic components and composite materials from aircraft is very important from sunlight. White has the ability to protect the aircraft from harmful Sun rays.

According to a study by researchers at Purdue University and the National Wildlife Research Center on human-wildlife interactions in 2011 , the researchers concluded that birds flying in the sky were less likely to hit white than other colors have. The study suggests that birds are more comfortable with white planes in the sky.

The white color is visually helping man. Any scratches, cracks and wear in white are easy to see, and this is not a coincidence, and should thank God for this position, because the ability to detect damage in the aircraft is vital.

Economic reasons

The scientific reasons are half of the theorem and the economic reasons are the other. Even airlines are working on saving resources and saving economies. You need to know that covering an aircraft requires 65 gallons of color, which makes it smart to choose colors. Standard white is cheap and simple, and any other color you choose will eventually oxidize and return to white, but you’ll need to pay more for gloss and fixation.

Another idea raised in this context is known as the Radical Plan. In this case, the aircraft is non-colored and its metal is polished and polished, but the problem that is raised here is that taking care of maintenance requires more time and cost; the other is that white planes are faster than planes Colored and non-colored.

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