Why I’m going to buy a cell phone with notch, even though I do not like it

Why I'm going to buy a cell phone with notch, even though I do not like it

We like it more or we like less, the truth is that many Android manufacturers have decided to throw away the design they have been developing and improving for years to adopt some design lines that go following the wake of the iPhone X, which is one of the best terminals of today.

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Despite this, the truth is that none comes to do as well as the terminal of Apple, which maintains the same thickness of the side frame in the lower frame, while Android manufacturers integrate a slightly larger framework. Something of what

The fact is that, like other design concepts such as the reduction of frames or speakers at the lower edge of the terminal, the notch is being standardized, and today I’ll tell you why I’m going to buy a mobile phone with notch, even though I do not like it.

Why I'm going to buy a cell phone with notch, even though I do not like it

Standardization, the main problem we will have with the notch

As we have said, it seems that the personality with the design of many manufacturers died in 2017, and although we still find interesting bets at the design level such as Samsung or HTC terminals, the truth is that Much of the current high-end already follows this concept of reducing frames.

And that is the main problem that we will face in the future, since, currently, almost all high-end have notch, and most likely, the phone that causes you so much hype before your presentation also choose to enter the same. In fact, is precisely what happened to me with the Xiaomi Mi 8.

I liked his predecessor a lot, but I did not think it was time to change terminals, and now, before the presentation of the last top of the range of the Chinese, it was already clear. However, the surprise came in the form of notch, and finally, it has touched me -as it may happen to you in the future- to make the decision to give up a design that I like more for having a round terminal in all aspects at a price much lower than that of all its competitors.

Precisely this has been the most important aspect when it comes to giving up a design that best suits my tastes, but obviously the mobile is a tool, and if I have to choose between performance and design, I stay with the performance.

Why I'm going to buy a cell phone with notch, even though I do not like it

AMOLED screen, software and goodbye to the notch

But the truth is that the situation is not so dramatic, since unlike other aspects of design, the notch is something that can be hidden without any difficulty, and get the feeling of symmetry that so many look for in our terminal.

And that is, the Xiaomi Mi 8, like the OnePlus 6 or the Huawei P20 and the LG G7, they have a way to superimpose a black background on the screen that is on the sides of the notch, so that this notch is disguised.

Thanks to the software we will be able to put an end to a problem that seems bigger than it is

In addition, this option is worth -in all the aforementioned terminals- AMOLED screen, whose black colors are directly turned off pixels, which, in addition to saving battery, will serve to make this option a more realistic solution to hide the happy notch that so many headaches will cause us in the years to come.

As much as we regret, the notch is here to stay, and we’d better get used to his presence, not in all of them, but in many terminals, and especially in the high-end, Where to look like the iPhone seems to matter more than originality, especially for average users.

Why I'm going to buy a cell phone with notch, even though I do not like it

What do you think about the subject? Will you succumb to the notch?


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