Why Google pays billions of dollars to Apple every year

Why Google pays billions of dollars to Apple every year

Some might think that Apple and Google are rival companies -something that is not entirely uncertain-, the truth is that as in every great company, there are always agreements behind. Google is one of the sources of income for Apple , and that is that we talk about more than 12 billion dollars a year that goes to the Cupertino company.

A figure to keep in mind and quite considerable even for Google. Today we tell you the reason for this annual income from Google to Apple, and what are the reasons for it to take place.

Safari yes, but with Google

Why Google pays billions of dollars to Apple every year

As you know, the native browser of Apple is Safari. However, the search engine they use is still Google . This is the main reason why the Mountain View-based company enters billions into Apple on an annual basis. The figures, in fact seem to be increasing, and is that Alphabet paid Apple about 3 billion dollars last year, quadrupling the figures in 2018, as we read in” .>

Google sees in Apple a fundamental pillar for its users, and is that the market share of the iPhone is 44% in markets as important as the US, as well as a 12% share in regards to PC equipment . Even with this data on the table, what can further lead to tempt Google to make these payments is the number of clicks on search ads obtained through Apple computers. Up to 49% of these came from iOS and MacOS,

Although it is done through Safari and not Chrome, Google is still the search engine on iPad, iPhone and Mac. Three important pillars that Google does not want to stop making profits.

Desktop searches have been decreasing with the passage of time , in favor of the same carried out through smartphone. According to the newspaper, the increase in mobile searches increased 33%. Advertisers see iPhone as a more lucrative sales pillar than what they are in Android, so the per-click payment varies, to the benefit of Google. Apple is a mine of users willing to spend their money while using the phone , so Google does not mind paying a good amount to be present.

As for what you are thinking, the tracking and data collection by Google , you should know that in iOS the matter is somewhat more complicated. Apple takes care of everything related to the security of its users, with details such as cookies that are kept only for 24 hours , instead of 30 days, the current standard. Google gets money and Apple keeps the privacy of users safeguarded , an almost perfect agreement.

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