Why Facebook does not care at all about violating your privacy

Why Facebook does not care at all about violating your privacy

Every time we tell you that we do not like Facebook, we do not want you to take it as a subjective opinion of someone with certain accumulated grudges towards the network, but as a warning, of how millions of users are not aware of how their personal data are being treated .

Although some continue to see as something conspiracy the issue of Facebook spying on us, share our data without our permission, and a wide list of illegalities, The truth is that all this can be more real than you think , and turning a deaf ear may not be a good idea. Today, we tell you Why Facebook can afford to play with your data, violate all kinds of laws and continue jumping to the bullfighter the Law of Data Protection.

Facebook can do what you want with your data

Why Facebook does not care at all about violating your privacy

Today, we gave you the sad news that Spain has just fine Facebook for violating the Data Protection Law . Why is it something sad? Because the amount of 300,000 euros is laughable, taking into account the benefits of more than 12,970 million dollars by Facebook.

Yesterday, without going any further, we also commented that WhatsApp could not share your Facebook data , until it adapts to European regulations. However, despite having skipped the laws, Europe did not put any sanctions on Facebook , he simply “established a truce”, and gave them some more time to fulfill their obligations.

As you can see, to Facebook it is very cheap to play with your data , since the fines do not suppose any punishment for the social network of Zuckerberg, and always they manage to arrive at some type of deal with the authorities so that everything is in nothing.

Why Facebook does not care at all about violating your privacy

It is extremely sad that everyone – including myself – continues to use a social network that harms our data, that shares it with not even who we know, and that will continue to do so with practically no consequences . Unfortunately, the amount of millions handled by Facebook makes it “armored”, and not have to worry too much about the penalties that may be imposed.

As always, from Andro4all we invite users to look for alternatives to this social network, as well as its main applications -Facebook and WhatsApp-, although we already know that this is something practically impossible , by the large number of users who have managed to accumulate over the years.

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