Why are not high-end processors used in the medium-high range?

Why are not high-end processors used in the medium-high range?

It is often said that many users do not need excessive power, who are looking for a mobile for social networks and little else. For all of them, the current middle range is simply perfect , with solvent processors, simple but -in general- nice finishes, and a more than acceptable performance.

However, a few years ago, a somewhat new concept emerged, the medium-high range . Devices with high-end features, but with other mid-range devices that prevent cataloging them as flagships . The main problem of this, in my opinion, is that they usually mount processors that we have seen in mobiles of 200 euros , when this medium-high range can reach more than 500 euros.

Today, I open the debate on how do I think the medium-high or mid-range range should be rethought , that no-man’s-land that we can not recommend so much.

Mid-premium range, no man’s land

Why are not high-end processors used in the medium-high range?

Let’s start then, showing an example of what the medium-premium range or upper-middle range supposes. Recently,, with a design that reminds us of the most expensive mobiles, water resistance, USB Type C, Moto Mods …

Nevertheless, they are asking us for 500 euros for a mobile phone with … a Snapdragon 636! Those who bet on traditional firms may see a logical purchase here, although having 500 euros really high ranges like theand the, with the Snapdragon 845, it is difficult for us not to opt for these terminals .

Why are not high-end processors used in the medium-high range?

Chinese firms are not to blame for large OEMs wanting more profit margin , and if someone wants to come with the excuse that “it’s that Xiaomi does not pay taxes and blah blah blah …”, that it goes through any ofand take your device to an authorized Spanish distributor, with its corresponding VAT and everything exactly the same as in any other brand purchase.

With one doing it, others must take an example

Why are not high-end processors used in the medium-high range?

Yesterday, we talked to you about, Huawei’s new medium-high range . For our surprise, the Huawei Nova 3 assembles the Kirin 970 , the same processor that we can see in 800 euros mobile phones like the Huawei P20 Pro, yes. In addition, it will come with almost 4000mAh, 128 GB of internal memory, 6 GB of RAM … This is a logical-media-premium range .

The price of the current average range is around 200 and 300 euros. When a manufacturer asks for 500 euros for a mobile phone that is not high-end, the design and a few extras are not enough to justify the price increase.

No, we do not ask for the speed of high-end memories, nor the water resistance, nor strange modules. We ask that if a mobile costs a whopping 400 or 500 euros – let’s face it, this is a lot of money – be up to the circumstances . There are many who tell us about the economic effort that can involve spending 200 euros on a phone, would you be willing to invest twice as much money on a mobile phone that does not contribute much more than the 200?

Why are not high-end processors used in the medium-high range?

The big traditional firms -especially some that we all know-, insist on selling us 400 or 500 euros, which are not much better than others that cost half, when for this price we can buy mid-range or high-end phones, directly .

The processor increases the price of a mobile but … How much? Everything resides in the margin of profit of the traditional firms, much higher than that of the rest of the most competitive Chinese firms.

Yes, we already know that including a more expensive processor increases the price of the terminals , But back to the same, If OnePlus or Xiaomi can sell you a Snapdragon 845 at 500 euros, why do the others sell us a mobile processor for 200 euros?

Why are not high-end processors used in the medium-high range?

We also know that you may be in the comfort zone of Qualcomm’s 6XX range, but we assure you that when you try the new Qualcomm high-end batch you will not want anything else . Energy optimization, performance, compatibility with better hardware …

The object of this article, it is clear, is not invite manufacturers to include top processors in mobile 200 euros , we stick exclusively to this medium-high range of 500 euros, in which we find mid-range processors, well below the price that is required by these terminals.

Why are not high-end processors used in the medium-high range?

For years, mobile phones from China were seen as cheap, poor quality and not recommended. To this day, being clear, it does not make sense to leave 500 euros in another mobile phone that is not a Mi Mix 2S or a OnePlus 6 , taking into account the technical support they have – even better than that of some traditional firms.

The medium-high range of “big brands” is not recommended. There is no reason other than the subjective confidence that can give some users a mobile phone of a brand “of a lifetime”

The arrival of Xiaomi to Spain, the success of sales of OnePlus, and the rooting of Chinese mobile quality and cheap in the Spanish consumer, should start at Harm in sales to the mid-premium range of 400/500 euros offered by other OEMs .

We doubt that the situation will change, a large percentage of the average consumer continues to bet only on the big firms, so they can afford prices that do not match what they offer. Nevertheless, we will continue recommending the Honor, Huawei, OnePlus and any firm that sells large terminals at a competitive price , something that we could not do until a few years ago with these ranges.


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