Why applications arrive earlier to the iPhone than to Android

Why applications arrive earlier to the iPhone than to Android

For years, the lines of development in iOS and Android have been completely different. The applications come before and with higher quality to iOS , and not we drop our rings for admitting it. However, have you ever considered the reason for this? Do you know why on Android the applications always arrive later?

Today, we answer this question, and that is that applications arrive before the iPhone for several reasons. Let’s go, to clarify the reason why Android users should expect more from the account , even though we have a more open operating system.

The reasons why applications arrive before the iPhone

The fragmentation

Why applications arrive earlier to the iPhone than to Android

The numbers on Android are not good. Year after year, we find ourselves close to 90% of devices without updating to the latest version of Android . On the contrary, iPhone users tend to walk in figures of 70% … of updated devices . For developers it is much easier to create a version of your application that should work in a couple of versions of iOS, which adapt your app to the 3 or 4 most used versions in Android.

This fragmentation does not refer only to the operating system, but to the number of devices . There will always be less iPhone than Android phones. The developers must adapt the apps to the customization layers, the different screen formats, peculiarities of some manufacturers … Developing for the iPhone is much easier , and as they say, time is money, so it is usually worth more to develop for this operating system.

A public willing to pay

Why applications arrive earlier to the iPhone than to Android

Year after year, we see that iOS users pay more apps than Android users . Let’s be honest with ourselves, we have all downloaded an APK, to avoid paying for that application we wanted / needed . In iOS, it is much more normalized to pay for an app, something that is also closely linked to the quality of the same, something we will talk about later.

In Android it is extremely easy to hack an application. In iOS, the process of getting an app outside of the official store is complicated and tedious, apart from that the willingness of users to pay is much higher than that of Android users.

Even though the developer share is considerably higher in iOS than in Android, in the operating system of the iPhone the developer they have it easier to earn money , so there are usually more efforts to develop apps in this OS.

Because the iPhone is the iPhone

Why applications arrive earlier to the iPhone than to Android

Even though Android phones have reached the prices and quality of the iPhone, this continues to be seen as an exclusive device linked to the status ., Many developers they see in iOS the best place to express their creativity, and create an application, a level product, for a level operating system.

We all know that Android is pretty random , and that will never be associated with a high status. Even though this is a pure social construct, it is reality, and apps look more on iOS than on Android .

Because iOS is a superior development platform

Why applications arrive earlier to the iPhone than to Android

In the words of some developers, iOS allows the developers develop more your creativity , in addition to the design guidelines for iOS applications are much clearer. Android is too permissive, which is why we find apps with outdated APIs, Holo design, and instability.

If we compare the App Store with Play Store, we throw our hands in the head. The Apple store is practically a Newsletter, a dynamic catalog that introduces us and recommends applications in a very visual way. Play Store is a large supermarket, full of somewhat messy shelves, among which we have to find quality products ourselves.

In iOS, all applications follow the same line of design, they must be optimized for the latest terminals and iOS versions since their launch, and the level of demand in terms of quality is much higher. Therefore, the applications are of higher quality in iOS, and arrive before, to be clearer how to do things .

Because companies think before on the iPhone

Why applications arrive earlier to the iPhone than to Android

Nintendo or Epic Games are two companies that have made it quite clear that they want their popular games to be released earlier in iOS . Some other companies, directly, they are not interested in having their applications go on Android , which is why many high quality applications found in iOS, are impossible to download on Android.

We return to one of the previous points, an iPhone is an iPhone , and unfortunately, it is still a reference for companies and commercial alliances.

What should happen to change the situation

Why applications arrive earlier to the iPhone than to Android

Although the solution seems somewhat distant, with the passage of time, Google could become a good platform for development. For the situation to change, at least, the fragmentation as far as versions of the operating system are concerned, should decrease . This is what ideas like, so that time will tell if the situation changes or not.

For the moment, the situation is what it is, and although the iPhone receives the applications before us, with a little patience, Android users can also enjoy equal or more of them.


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