"Who calls and why?": This is the Google Pixel 3 Call Screen

"Who calls and why?": This is the Google Pixel 3 Call Screen

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Yesterday Google presented the

Google Assistant is present in calls

In terms of humor Google presents a new functionality that finally makes an appearance in the new Pixel terminals. Call Screen is nothing more than a more aggressive integration of the Google Assistant in our calls , and is that now it will be able to send a predetermined message to the sender of the call asking who the caller is and why he does it .

If this person decides to respond to the Assistant, we can see his answer by means of a text on the screen, in order to decide whether or not to respond to the call. No doubt a good method to avoid commercial calls or little relevant to us , as long as the issuer is willing to tell the truth to the assistant.

Google already made an effort to avoid SPAM calls a while ago, telling us in Dialer that the call has this type of content and now, wants to go a step further. Call Screen brings us closer to a future in which calling our virtual assistant could start making decisions for himself, although now we will have to settle for the small filter that will impose on the issuer.

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