Where’s Bitcoin going in the next direction? Here are the possibilities

Bitcoin climbed back to 7,500 yesterday yesterday, climbing back on the 7600 quickly touching the support in this area. Leading crypto money, today saw 7750 dollars. At this time Bitcoin , Is trading at $ 7700.

What is going on in Bitcoin and what are the odds? Commenting on the recent situation in Bitcoin in CoinDesk, analyst Omkar Godbole said Bitcoin could have risen more than 8,000 in the next 24 hours, crossing $ 7780 resistance. Godbole said that BTC appears to be closing this week for a 50-week moving average of $ 7819, in which case the possibility of a high move towards resistance of $ 8880 would increase.

Godbole stated that in the bear scenario, if the prices fall below $ 7372, you could have a retreat towards 7080.

Meanwhile, a research firm Trefis lowered its year-end price target for Bitcoin. The company announced that the new price target for the end of the year was raised from $ 15,000 to $ 12,500.


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