Where is the notification LED on the Pixel 3?


Despite the fact that the leaks had brought us a good deal of the technical characteristics of Google Pixel 3 , yesterday the official presentation of the Pixel 3 model left some details in the pipeline. Small technical details that have no place in a presentation, but are of great interest to many users. In these circumstances we could pigeonhole the fact that you want to know where the notification LED on the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL is located .

A question that many can ask given the great utility and acceptance that this type of luminous warnings has . And at a glance we can quickly and concisely know the type of notification we received on our smartphone. It is thus, in part, thanks to the palette of available colors that we can later associate with the different apps and contacts. In this way, when the notification LED lights up in one or another color, we can intuit and even know directly what type of notification it is or the contact that comes from a message.

Comparison with the differences between Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 2

Notification LED on Pixel 3: where?

An element, therefore, very useful that Google has exploited in the previous two generations of your smartphone. Although available in a very specific section, it was possible to configure these light signals. Where is the notification LED on the Pixel 3?

However, the third generation of the Pixel forgets the LED notifications because the browser this time has not included in the front of the device. This has been confirmed by the company on Twitter from an answer to a question asked by a user with the doubt.

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