When will Xiaomi solve the main problems of the Pocophone F1?


The is one of the smartphones in the Xiaomi catalog that draws the most attention to users. And it is that few phones can find in the market that offer the benefits of the top of range for little more than 300 euros. Of course, if you choose to buy it you should know that there are a number of problems in the Pocophone F1 of which even the brand itself is aware.

When you buy a phone from Xiaomi’s smartphone price, you assume that certain features of the phone are below the expected, such as your photographic department or the quality of its construction, two of the main weaknesses of the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 . However, you should not expect a series of absurd problems such as those presented by the phone, failures that hampered the experience of using the terminal and which Xiaomi is aware of.

When will Xiaomi solve the main problems of the Pocophone F1?

At least, some of them, such as the impossibility of consulting notifications in a comfortable way, are solved today, but what about the rest?

Problems of the Pocophone F1 in search of solution

A few days ago we reviewed all the after being the brand itself who admitted them on their website. Today the brand announces that at least one of them is fixed after the last system update. The beta version of MIUI 10 Global 8.10.17 allows you to activate a function to prevent the status bar of the mobile from seeing the notifications. Now they are shown to the left of the notch while the mobile icons are located to the right.

Another of the biggest problems of the Pocophone F1 is the inability to play Netflix in HD, because the . The brand announces that it will release an update before the end of the year that will put an end to this uncomfortable failure so that all mobile users do not have any problems when it comes to changing the reproduction quality of the video platform.

This is the only thing we know about the solutions of the Pocophone F1 problems , as regards other issues, such as those related to Android Auto, improve the use of the full screen by third-party applications, fix the operation of “Ok Google “Or the compatibility with Asphalt 8 and 9, the company claims that they are working on it and there is still no specific date for its resolution.

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