WhatsApp will start showing ads in the states

WhatsApp will start showing ads in the states

or the modification of the . However, soon it will incorporate a very unpopular feature, since WhatsApp has confirmed that it will start showing ads in the states .

, Chris Daniels, vice president of WhatsApp, has confirmed that the application will begin showing ads in the states soon . The advertising format will be very similar to what Instagram currently uses for their Stories.

At an event in New Delhi, the vice president of WhatsApp confirmed that the announcements will be the “main monetization mode for the company” of the service and that they will offer “an opportunity for companies to reach people” . Although he did not offer an exact date for his arrival, he assured that they will arrive soon, so it will be at the beginning of 2019 when they will begin to introduce advertising in the messaging application.

The format will be similar to that of Instagram Stories

WhatsApp will start showing ads in the states

Since the launch

The advertising in the WhatsApp states will work the same as in Instagram Stories . That is, advertising pieces will be interspersed among the publications that show the contacts . When a user accesses the states, in addition to seeing the contents that their contacts have shared, they will also see advertisements.

After withdrawing its annual subscription rate in 2016, many users have questioned how the messaging service owned by Facebook would be monetized, which would have to find another way to generate revenue. It was during the month of August that the company thought of using the states to insert advertisements in their application . A strategy that has worked on Instagram and will soon reach WhatsApp, allowing companies to show their ads to millions of users.

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