WhatsApp will not share information with Facebook, for now


In August of 2017, a piece of news that affected, and much, our privacy, came to the fore: WhatsApp shared our information with Facebook . A news that generated much controversy. So much so that the Office of the Information Commissioner (ICO) of the United Kingdom opened an investigation. The result? WhatsApp does not share, at least for now, any information with Facebook.

The ICO has just announced that it has closed its investigation, making it clear that WhatsApp and Facebook can not share user data more than for data processing tasks. It has also closed an agreement with the most used instant messaging service so that the instant messaging service publicly commits itself not to share personal data with Facebook in the future until they comply with the general regulation of data protection (GDPR).

WhatsApp will not share information with Facebook, for now

No, WhatsApp will not share your personal data with Facebook

Say that the GDPR is the data protection framework that will come into force throughout the European Union next May, so we can rest assured that our data from the messaging application will not go to Facebook.

When the social network of Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp in 2014 Facebook’s intention was to get the best instant messaging service and in the process earn money with advertising. The problem came with the change of the WhatsApp privacy policy that included sharing data with Facebook. And that did not make users too funny.

Neither did the data protection agencies that opened an investigation to see to what extent both applications could share information. And the conclusions are very clear: WhatSapp can only share data if you use Facebook as “a data processor” and not for other purposes.

WhatsApp will not share information with Facebook, for now

You have to bear in mind that the data protection law does not prevent a company from sharing personal data , but they must comply with the legal requirements. And no, it can not be used for advertising purposes.

Yes, for now WhatsApp and Facebook have gone very well stopped. To start the company has not yet shared any information between the applications so in that aspect the damage to the image of the company is not so great.

In addition, when the purchase was made they made it very clear that they would not use the information of the customers of Whatsapp with these ends so that that purchase clause that could give true headaches to Mark Zuckerberg has not been broken.

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