WhatsApp is updated to conform to Android Pie notifications

WhatsApp is updated to conform to Android Pie notifications

Android Pie is the number 9 version of the operating system of Google and the last one that has seen the light. It comes loaded with new features, especially in the aesthetic field , and although

WhatsApp has just added changes in its beta version, intended in this case to adjust to the notifications that will come with Android Pie. In this way, contents such as images will be displayed somewhat differently when we display the notification bar.

This will show the images in the new notifications

Until now, when you received a notification on WhatsApp and it contained an image, you could see it by displaying the notification bar down . The base will not change much, but Google introduced a standard with the latest version of Android, some rules on how multimedia content should be displayed in notifications.

The popular messaging application has introduced changes in its beta version, changes that you can see if you have an Android 9 device . In this way, when you display the notification, the image will be shown complete, with rounded edges on the white background of the card, and leaving any text below or above the image.

WhatsApp is updated to conform to Android Pie notifications

For now this new feature is only available for images, although it should be soon support for videos, GIFs and even stickers . We assume that the changes will arrive in the following and successive updates. Remember, this change will only be available if you have Android Pie.

Google has begun the aesthetic change in all its applications and others as important as WhatsApp have already joined. We hope that the other relevant applications will not delay in getting on the bandwagon. Android Pie arrives with interesting changes, and all must adapt .

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