WhatsApp has a bug that can leave you without megs in your rate


Whatsapp is without a doubt the most popular messaging application, but for many users that it has, that does not mean that it is free from failures, since it is usually also one of the apps with the most failures reported. The last one that has been known on Twitter would have as main protagonist the backup that performs the app automatically, and that could give you a good displeasure if you are affected.

This error (which affects iOS and Android) seems quite random, and according to some users, could make us consume all the data of our rate or at least lose a good amount of them uselessly. We explain what happened.

Beware of WhatsApp backup if you have little data

Everything indicates that we are facing an error related to the WhatsApp backup, which is done automatically at the time we schedule and that makes a backup of our chat and multimedia files.

Apparently, the severity of this failure of WhatsApp is that the system would not only copy the new data generated since the last copy made, but would try to upload to the cloud all the information of the application , something that may involve uploading more than 1 GB of data to the network. The thing can be especially serious for those who have many videos stored in the device, since they are the files that occupy the most space despite the compression to which WhatsApp submits them.

WhatsApp has a bug that can leave you without megs in your rate

As we say, it does not seem like an error associated with any specific version of WhatsApp, but rather a failure related to the servers or that is reproduced only in very specific circumstances, but if we want to have the peace of mind that we will not be affected, the simplest solution goes through:

  • Go to the app settings,
  • Click on the section chats
  • Select the tab Backup, where we will have the option of save the data only under WiFi. We can also leave deactivated the box videos , if we do not consider it important to have a copy of them.

If we have selected the option to save under WiFi exclusively, the worst thing that can happen to us is that we see how the backup takes an excessive time to complete, but at least we will not get scared when we consult the data that we have left of Our rate.

WhatsApp for Android already warns you of the forwarded messages

We know that today operators are improving their rates with increasing amounts of data, and if you have enough gigabytes available the damage may not be especially serious, but there are also many users with low cost rates with 1 or 2 GB of data that could be especially affected, especially in the event that your operator charges extra data spent.

For now WhatsApp has not made any statement about it, but it is more than possible that after investigating the issue, make a statement or release a new version without this ruling.

Not all problems, WhatsApp will improve the management of chats and messages

To be fair, not all the news related to WhatsApp is negative, because in the version beta 2.18.214 of this messaging client, it has been possible to see how soon we will be able to carry out a much quicker management of our chats and messages.

WhatsApp has a bug that can leave you without megs in your rate

Specifically, they would be two the novelties that we may see in WhastApp soon. On the one hand we will have the possibility of mark as read the messages received from the bar notifications , something that will prevent us from having to enter the app and the specific chat so that the notification disappears. This option appears in the same notification, to the right of “Reply”.

The second novelty that will come to WhastApp is very related to the previous one is the possibility of mute a chat also from the Notification bar ,null, something that can be very useful when we want to avoid distractions.

As we say, these are functions that are still in beta status, so we will notify you as soon as they are available to the general public.

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