WhatsApp for Android will facilitate the answers to messages cited with a tactile gesture


The arrival of a new Beta version of WhatsApp for Android opens the door for us to know the next news that will be integrated into the instant messaging application. And in addition to the dark mode of WhatsApp , the Android app will soon have a tactile gesture -slide the finger laterally- with which you can respond to messages quoted much faster.

Currently, WhatsApp for Android allows you to cite messages and be answered by pressing it for a long time to mark it and then press another button at the top of the chat and thus mention and answer the message. Soon this method to answer cited messages will inherit the touch gesture already present in the iOS app.

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Reply to messages cited with a simple gesture

As we are informed from WABetaIndo , WhatsApp for Android receives version 2.18.282 . As usual in this type of situation, the source code of the app can be useful since it usually contains references to future new options and tools. WhatsApp for Android will facilitate the answers to messages cited with a tactile gesture

Such has been the case, since from WABetaInfo let us see how the WhatsApp app for Android will soon receive a new way to quote and respond to messages . The attached animated image is explicit enough to understand how the app will allow us to respond to specific messages with just a slight lateral shift on the message in question, in the style of the WhatsApp app for iOS.

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In this way, the current system that allows citing messages through the prolonged press of the message in question and then pressing on the icon that includes the first arrow arranged at the top of the chat will be deleted.

Obviously, the arrival of this tactile lateral shift will simplify this task, making it easier and more straightforward to respond to the aforementioned messages.

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