WhatsApp for Android adds the option to respond in private to group messages


There is a new Beta version of WhatsApp for Android , 2.18.335, and it adds a new feature. If a few days ago the official implementation of the stickers was news, the WhatsApp test program adds the possibility of responding in private to a message received in a group . We tell you all the details and how to use it.

Little by little, WhatsApp is polishing the experience of using the instant messaging application , as well as the service itself. Every detail counts, no matter how small, as is the case of the function of responding in private to messages received in group chats.

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Respond in private to group messages

Sometimes, we can find messages written in a group chat that require individual attention or a more personal treatment. Although in chats we have the possibility to quote messages to respond directly to them and avoid misunderstandings, in order to make the conversation more fluid and effective, the same thing does not happen if we want to transfer that message to another WhatsApp channel. WhatsApp for Android adds the option to respond in private to group messages

The solution would be to forward the message or, alternatively, copy and paste it for subsequent allusions, as well as offer additional information to the sender of said message.

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However, the latest update of WhatsApp for Android , which reaches version 2.18.335, integrates what the company calls Reply privately or respond in private . It allows to quote a message sent in a group of WhatsApp by one of the participants and answer it in a private chat. WhatsApp for Android adds the option to respond in private to group messages

And how can we make use of this new function? It is as simple as long press the group message we want to quote and respond by private , click on the icon with three dots in the upper right and click on the Reply option privately.

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In this way, WhatsApp will immediately open the chat with the person who had previously written the selected message and will appear in the conversation marked as quoted, as if it were a citation in the same chat.

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