What's new with Xiaomi is this smart alarm clock

What's new with Xiaomi is this smart alarm clock

Xiaomi has a multitude of different products in its catalog and every time it surprises us with something new . For example, recently we told you that I had launched

In this case we come to talk about an intelligent alarm clock , which has just been presented by the Chinese firm. In addition, this Xiaomi Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock, (yes, that’s its name), will listen to you and talk to you thanks to artificial intelligence.

You will not wake up the same again with the Xiaomi alarm

The Smart Alarm Clock is now available on the Chinese page of” . what is special about it at first glance>we can see that it has a very minimalist design , with that predominant white color found in many of Xiaomi’s products.

It has a large screen, totally black and in which the time and other data will appear blank. Simple but beautiful, it will look good in any home, however it may be. On the other hand, the device has up to 30 different alarm sounds and 80 different voice reminders .

What's new with Xiaomi is this smart alarm clock

This AI Smart Alarm Clock will listen to you so you can control it with your voice , just like we do for example

At the moment it is only available in China, where it has gone on sale for 149 yuan, that is, 22 dollars, 18 euros . We do not have information about whether it will reach Europe or Latin America, but we will be attentive to any new data. Xiaomi seems to be able to manufacture any device that comes to mind and shows it to us with each new release. In addition, and as you know, their prices have no competition. Now it has been an intelligent alarm clock, but what will be next?

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