What you should keep in mind if you want to buy a refurbished iPhone


With the releases of Apple this week you have the urge to buy an iPhone but the money does not reach you? Maybe it’s time to think about getting a reconditioned computer . Under this concept are included those terminals fixed after having been returned by the user due to a defect, having the packaging box open or having some slight damage either by manipulation in a warehouse or in an exhibition of product demos. But how to choose well within this product category?

Acquiring refurbished equipment or refurbished (its translation in English) can get to be a whole masterful move if you know how to choose the right product. For this we will give you some keys to help you in the purchase process and, in this case, to acquire an iPhone at a better price.

The reputation of the seller

What you should keep in mind if you want to buy a refurbished iPhone

When looking for a reconditioned iPhone it is very important that you have good references from the seller . Always look to buy in websites or well-known stores, from which you can consult opinions of other sellers or, failing that, you have already heard previous experiences – it is the only way many times with physical premises. Even Amazon itself has its own section of reconditioned products, but it is not always sold by them: sometimes it is equipment (in the case that occupies us iPhones) second hand sold and managed by an external partner company . Be careful with that.


Being reconditioned does not mean that you lose your warranty. The store in which you buy them must provide you with information about the guarantee to which your phone is subject to be able to enjoy it in case you need it for any problem with it. In the case of the iPhone may or may not have the warranty of Apple (make sure), but it must offer you the store that sells it to you. Be well informed of your rights as a buyer before proceeding with the acquisition.

Phone status

It is possible that you will find equipment that, even if fixed, has some small imperfection – you could also run into devices whose damage is only in its packaging. Look closely at the details of the phone because they always point out if they have any small flaws: a small scratch on the screen, a tap on the Home button (if it’s a model other than the iPhone X, you have to be especially careful, since it usually lacks a lot in the equipment manzaneros), or if the lens of the camera is damaged.

What you should keep in mind if you want to buy a refurbished iPhone

There are refurbished product stores that give the device a certificate . In the case of Amazon, for example, it means that the equipment has been “tested and certified to look and work like new” but it can exclude the headphones or the manual from the box.

Possibility of return

Taking into account that you are going to acquire a telephone that has been repaired, besides having a guarantee, it would be quite interesting to be able to return it with the greatest possible facilities . Having that option in your hand is important, especially if you can do it without giving explanations and especially without any cost to you. Before proceeding with the purchase, make sure of the return conditions in case you do not feel satisfied with it.

Secure payment

What you should keep in mind if you want to buy a refurbished iPhone

Another aspect to consider in this type of purchases, especially if you buy your refurbished iPhone through slightly less known companies – although we have already advised you to look with magnifying glass at the reputation of your seller. Buying by Paypal is ideal, for the protection it offers to the buyer in the event of a surprise. Keep that in mind.

Some stores with reconditioned iPhones

  • Amazon We have mentioned it several times so it deserved to be here. The firm of Jeff Bezos has the Amazon Warehouse section , where he sells many products that the same company reviews and certifies. They have free return.
  • Ebay Just look in your bar “reconditioned” you will access a world of products with this label. You know: it’s eBay. Make sure above all that the seller has the maximum possible score (and a good amount of opinions).
  • Fnac The French firm also reserves a space for reconditioned products. These are never second-hand and may present some damage to their outer packaging although the products are 100% functional and are verified.
  • Apple We leave this more as a bonus than anything else. And is that although it is true that Apple sells products reconnected, only moves Mac, iPads, iPods and Apple TV units. No iPhones.
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